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Burg CrossFit North is the best fitness facility in the Tyrone area! We are led by our core values of Being humble, Unified, Relentless all while being filled with Gratitude. At Burg CrossFit North, we focus on whole-person health. We want to be the best hour of your day while also supporting you the other 23 hours! In addition to awesome CrossFit classes, we also offer our spin on high-intensity training—BurgFIT. Schedule your No Sweat Intro today!

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March 2020

BurgFit 3/25/20Warm-upWarm-upRun for 4 minutes. In that time, figure out a good 200m mark (or find a distance that takes about 30 seconds at a jogging pace to get to). 2 Rounds 10 Toy soldiers 10 Good mornings 10 Squat 10 Push-upsMetconE9 for 36, 2 rounds, 20 kb SDHP, 50 DU, 200m Run (4 Rounds for reps)Every 9min for 36min perform: 2 Rounds 20 KB SDHP 50 Dubs 200m Run (1 minute of running) If you don't have a jump rope, perform lateral 50 total lateral hops Try to keep each round at or just under 6 minutes to finish

BurgFit 3/24/20Warm-upWarm-up DD, PU, SPU, Air squat, WM2 min Cardio. (Run, Burpee, jump rope, etc.) 2 rounds 20 second downward dog 10 push ups 10 Second bottom of push-up (float torso 1 inch off of floor) 10 air squats 10 windmillsMetcon15 AMRAP 20 Jump Lunge, 15 Sit-up, 10 Burpee (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)15 min AMRAP 20 Alt Jump lunge 15 Situp 10 Burpee Scale to items that will allow you to be able to perform a full round without stopping or resting. Scale to traditional lunges or assisted lunges (holding on to a fixed item) MetconRest 5 minutes10

Crossfit 3/24/20Warm-up400 2rds TS,GM,AS,PU400 Run 2 rounds 10 Toy soldiers 10 good mornings 10 air squats 10 push ups SkillClean and Jerk (E2MOM for 10)really work on technique getting into the bottom of the squat and the form is perfect Practice bringing the bar down on your back MetconFT Run, Squats, lunges (Time)For time 600M Run/3:00 Run 30 back squats 600M Run 20 Front rack lunges (10 per leg) 600M Run 10 front squat The bar comes from the floor. IF dont have distances mesured out run for 3 min 1:30 out

Barbell Club 3/24/2020Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceWeightliftingHang Power Clean (Heavy Double )15 mins to find heavy double Power Clean (3x2)10 minutes to perform 3x2 @ 90% of today's hang power cleanAccessory WorkBottom of Squat Hold (Accumulate 5 min)Hold the bottom of the squat while in a racked position (front, back, or overhead). Make sure you are always holding an active position!! (no bottoming out, constant core engagement and tall chest) Every Second Held is 1- repUse PVC or Barbell in FRONT RACK position

CrossFit 3/23/20Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceWeightliftingTest-out!!Olympic Lifting Total (Total Weight)40 minutes to complete both liftsMetconIf finished early4 AMRAP Bike, Max Burpees (AMRAP - Reps)4 Min AMRAP .7 Bike In remaining time Max Burpees Score is total Burpees completed. Beg: .5 miles max Sprawls

BurgFit 3/23/2020Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetcon3RFT 20 Cal Row, Pullups, Cal bike, HSPU (Time)3RFT: 20/16 Cal Row 20 Pullups 20/16 Cal Bike 20 HSPU 20 min cap INT: 16/12 Cal Row/Bike Banded Pullups Elevated BEG: 12/8 Cal Row/Bike Ring Rows Seated Press 20/10MetconRest 5 min 21-15-9 KBSDHP Goblet Squats HSW (Time)21-15-9 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull 35/26 Goblet Squats 35/26 25ft HSW Between Each Round ***Workout ends on 9 Goblet Squats*** 10 Min Cap Rx+: 53/35 INT: 26/18 15 ft HSW OR 50ft Bear Crawl BEG: 18/9 25ft Bear Crawl

Barbell ClubWarm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceSkillSupersetOverhead walking lunges (4x8 Per Leg )Overhead banded kettlebell walk (4x50ft )Start from a rack with two kettlebells looped onto bar at each end with rubber bands. Walk a distance with bar overhead.SkillKettlebell swing (150 Russian Swings) As Few Sets As Possible Choose a weight for sets of 30-50 minimum Accessory WorkSuperset Grip Tolerance (AMRAP - Reps)5 Rounds 20s Dead Hang 40s Dumbbell Hold 50/35 No rest between reps/rounds 1s=1 rep

CrossFit 3/21/20Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetconFT 2k Row, 15 PC asc weight, 20 Burpees over bar (Time)Teams of 1!!! For Time 2k Row 15 power cleans 135/95 20 burpees over bar 15 power cleans 155/105 20 burpees over bar 15 power cleans 185/125 1 mile run Int: 1.5k Row 15 PC 95/65 20 Burpee Step-overs 15 PC 115/85 20 Burpee Step-overs 15 PC 135/95 1200m Run Beg: 1k Row 15 Hang PC 65/45 15 Sprawls 15 Hang PC 75/55 15 Sprawl 15 Hang PC 95/65 800m Run