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Burg CrossFit North is the best fitness facility in the Tyrone area! We are led by our core values of Being humble, Unified, Relentless all while being filled with Gratitude. At Burg CrossFit North, we focus on whole-person health. We want to be the best hour of your day while also supporting you the other 23 hours! In addition to awesome CrossFit classes, we also offer our spin on high-intensity training—BurgFIT. Schedule your No Sweat Intro today!

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Burg CrossFit North

Kids Fit August 27, 2019

Kidsfit 8/27/19

Split Jerk (3 reps )
Work on foot placement and showing control add weight if possible

4RFT row, as, sj (Time)
4 rounds
300m row
10 Air squats
5 split jerks